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Why choose us?

Belgian kitesurfing regulations
This year a lot changed concerning rules and regulations.v You can only take a lesson with an official IKO school like ours.
A kiteboard pass is obligatory. You will receive an official IKO card after completing the lessons.

Kitesurfing is only allowed in specific designated surf zones.
And there’s more…
During the course we will give you all necessary information.


Aren’t private lessons a lot more expensive?

Other schools work with larger groups (4 persons) to lower their prices.
But appearances are deceptive. As you have to alternate you have far less practical training. In a large group it can take up to 20 hours before you can independently kitesurf. In this perspective you pay a lot more for your group lessons than the total price for the private course.

Why learn to kitesurf?

Kitesurfing is one of the fasted worldwide growing water sports.
The coolest thing about kitesurfing is the experience of freedom: wave riding, jumping, …
Once you have sailed your first meters, your life changes forever.

How long does it take before you can kitesurf on your own?

As we only give private lessons or lessons for 2 persons, the quality of the course is height. 90% of our clients can kitesurf independently after 9 hours !

I can wakeboard, surf, windsurf or snowboard, does this help?

Kitesurfing consists of 80% kiting but concerning the board part, this will certainly help !

How will I know what equipment to purchase?

Steve Verelst is on top of all developments of all brands. He has a long time experience and has participated in product development with Best Kiteboarding. If you need advice about any equipment, he will help you gladly. 

What do I take with me to my kitesurfing lesson?

Suitable clothes for you first lesson on land, sun glasses, coat,… A wetsuit for on water lessons if you have one.

What is the best period to learn to kitesurf in Belgium?

April till the end of October.

Is kitesurfing safe?

With the newest safety systems this aspect has improved drastically. This sport is far more accessible than in the past and much quicker to learn.
It is important to have a good learning base before you go to kitesurf on your own.

How hard is kitesurfing?

Most people are surprised how easy it is to learn.

Why not choose for a larger group?

We are the only IKO centre in Belgium that does not work with large groups. Our goal is to have the client gain as much practical experience as possible during his training. The instructor always stays with the student, on land as well as on sea. That way the lessons are safe and effective . We believe this method lays the foundation to practise safely on you own. 

Am I not too old to learn to kitesurf?

You are never too old to learn tot kitesurf ! Our oldest kitesurfer is 82 years old.

Everybody who would like to try it and has the possibilities can take a course. 

Is my child old enough to learn to kitesurf?

Children have to be 12 years to take their first course.We advise to take private lessons so that he or she gets the appropriate explanation.

- Any questions? 

Mail to or call: 0479/17.32.01


Side Shore Surfers, De Panne.
Zeedijk 109
8660 De Panne.
GPS: Pierre Bortierplein

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