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Private lesson

Would you like to kitesurf in a relaxed, safe and quick way? A private instructor is the best way to do it ! We guarantee you the most reliable and safe Belgian courses. 

Step 1:
 Choosing a safe place to kite.

Learn to kite with a powerkite.
Explaining and testing the security systems.

Getting to know a 4 line kite.

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 165 euro equipment included. 

Step 2:
 Assessing the weather forecast
Assessing wind velocity and direction
Repetition of the basics of lesson 1

Downwind bodydragging

Upwind bodydragging

Restarting the Kite 

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 225 euro equipment included.

Step 3: 
 Board choice.

Explaining priority rules

Waterstarting theory
Waterstarting in practice
Velocity control and stopping

Duration: 3 hours 
Price: 225 euro equipment included, IKO diploma. 

End of the course! 

You can kitesurf on your own!

Note: after step 3 you keep practising on your own. We have taught you everything you need to practice this sport safely. Further lessons on this level are not necessary.


Side Shore Surfers, De Panne.
Zeedijk 109
8660 De Panne.
GPS: Pierre Bortierplein

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